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    Hi, my name is Carla and I'm "The Early
    Bird Trainer."  Welcome to my Site.

    Jump start your day with a great early
    morning workout.  Call now--the early
    bird still gets the worm!  Limited
    weekday appointments available from 5
    to 7 a.m.

    I want to show you the joy of choosing
    fitness as a lifestyle.  You can loose fat,
    gain muscle, increase stamina, and look

    Establish your commitment to fitness
    and change your life today.  If you will
    give me discipline and dedication in
    doing the work, I will guarantee results!

    I will share information and provide tools
    that will enable you to achieve your
    personal best level of fitness and
    maintain it for a lifetime.  

    Whatever goals you aspire to achieve, a
    safe and effective plan of action is the
    first step.  Learn to include the basic
    principles of fitness and nutrition as a
    regular part of  your lifestyle.

    Improve the quality of your life.  Effective
    fitness and nutritional habits can help
    you look better, feel better and have more
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    Anyone who knows me also knows that when I discover a
    good thing, I like to spread it around.  Several years ago, I
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    knowledge and information provided about health and
    fitness for "free."  This is a resource that I think everyone in
    our Country should be aware of.  It's changing lives, and I
    want to do my part in spreading the "Spark."  Take a look at
    this video:

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