Hello , I'm Carla, "The Early Bird Trainer," and as a fitness
professional, I have a vision to improve lifestyles, life choices and
quality of life by teaching the importance of safe, effective exercise
and healthy nutritional habits.  I would like to give you some insight
about the conception and development of my fitness and nutritional
Star Quality Fitness Training.

At a very young age, I realized the value of exercise while working
out with my Mom and Jack LaLanne in front of the TV set.  I
anxiously looked forward to every session, and I instinctively knew it
was something that I'd continue for the rest of my life.  Bear with me
while I tell you of an experience I had during that time which had a
profound impact on my development.  This experience, all those
years ago, also influenced the passion I've developed for the work
I'm so devoted to continuing today:

Well, that experience was heartfelt and had a deep and lasting
effect upon me and the person that I grew up to be.  Throughout my
life, I've learned that many people in all walks of life are in need of
fitness training, education, and practical fitness programming
which will work for the individuals' lifestyle.  My intention was to
address all avenues available to me in providing assistance to
these individuals.

"Quality" is and has always been my trademark; and, in 1993, when
I realized that I wanted to start my own fitness training business,
the words Star Quality came to mind.  In keeping with my personal
fitness philosophy to develop positive attitudes toward exercise,
focusing on safety, specificity, discipline, nutrition and a goal
oriented approach in program design and evaluation,
Star Quality
Fitness Training
was born.

I've had many ups and downs in learning how to successfully
provide top notch services for my clients.  I've accumulated some
valuable experience over the years and I've learned a great deal
about what my clients want and expect from their trainer.  Along with
my dedication and love for my profession, I have a sincere desire to
improve lives and encourage a higher level of fitness among every
client in my camp.  More than ever, I'm dedicated to maintaining the
highest standards in health and fitness.  Each of my clients are very
important to me and their fitness goals are my fitness goals.

With ever increasing advances in technology, lifestyles and
occupational demands have changed dramatically over the years.  
Mental awareness and stress management is vitally important.  A
regular exercise program is the most effective defense against the
rigors and demands of a stressful lifestyle.

For many months now, especially since the beginning of this year,
2009, the economy has been quite challenging for many people.  In
times like these, stress tends to be very high and I feel that effective
fitness regimens are urgent and even mandatory in dealing with
day to day life pressures.  Your health and level of fitness is crucial
in surviving for the duration.  To this end, I've restructured my
services to make them more affordable for my clients.

I truly love the work that I do and I've been blessed with a wonderful
group of clientele.  I've worked in this field for over 15 years now,
and I can honestly say that my clients have been the cream of the
crop; and to each of you I pledge my utmost respect and sincere
concern.  You can trust that my goal is to stay abreast of constantly
changing information in fitness and nutrition and to provide you with
the best of myself in addressing your fitness lifestyles.  I have
exciting plans for
Star Quality Fitness Training and I look forward to
the future with great anticipation.
When I was a child, still in grade school, maybe 2nd or 3rd
grade, my grandmother's cousin came to visit.  Cousin Louise,
was an elderly lady in a wheel chair.  She was such a sweet lady,
always very nice to me and my siblings.  One day she was baby
sitting us and I asked her why she had to be in a wheel chair.  

As we talked, for some reason I was convinced that I could make
her walk again.  I smile as I think how sweet she was to indulge
me in my naivety.  I enlisted my brother Michael's help as I laid a
blanket on the floor and proceeded to assist Cousin Louise in
laying on her back.

My brother and I then went to work on her legs under my
supervision.  We exercised her legs by opening and closing her
knees and raising and lowering her entire leg from the hip joint.  
We were very careful and gentle and handled her as though she
would break.  She encouraged us with positive signs of feeling
stronger.  We finished by massaging her legs until our little hands
hurt.  I was convinced that we could make her walk again if we
could teach her leg muscles how to move and make her blood
flow better.

When we finished, she gave us a big hug and told us that she had
never felt better.  She actually convinced us that she thought she
would walk again too.  When my mom and grandmother came
home, Cousin Louise was so excited as she told them what we
had done for her.  It was the proudest moment of my life.  It made
me feel really good that I could help someone feel so much
better and give them that much joy.  Additionally, I found the
process to be quite fulfilling and enjoyable!

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