Hi!  I'm Carla.  Thank you for visiting
and welcome to my site.  You're
obviously seeking to improve your
fitness lifestyle and I sincerely
applaud your efforts.

As a truly dedicated advocate of
health and fitness, my commitment
is to address your particular needs.

My goal is to demonstrate that you
can achieve your best level of
fitness and include maintenance in
your lifestyle.

When I look at a client, I see their
potential physical perfection.  
During an initial consultation, we
come to terms on mutually agreed
upon goals to accomplish.  I then
apply Star Quality Fitness Training
techniques geared to achieve each
client's personal best level of

As a team we will focus on a fitness
plan of action encompassing safety,
specificity, discipline, nutrition and a
goal oriented approach in program
analyses and evaluations.

If you will give me discipline and
dedication in doing the work, I will
guarantee results!
Use My Skills To Achieve
Your Goals
If you've never exercised before, or
it's been a while, here are a few
basic check points to jump start
your journey:

First, see your family doctor for a
physical exam.  You'll want to be
certain you're healthy and ready
to start an exercise regimen.

Once you get the green light, get
active.  Start out with 20 minutes
each day:  walking, fast walking,
slow jogging, swimming,
jumping rope, stair climbing.  
Anything that you are capable of
doing safely.  Afterward, a light
stretch for the muscles worked.

Next you'll want to focus on
improving your diet.  Be sure to
eat a wide variety of vegetables,
some fruits, lean meats and
whole grains.  Low saturated fat,
high fiber and portion control is
the name of the game here.

Now,  you're off to a good start.  
Stay positive, and keep it going.  
I'll be happy to provide further
guidance in developing and
maintaining your fitness lifestyle.

Call now and take advantage of
my limited time introductory
discount offer.
A Tip For Beginners
A regular exercise program is your
most effective defense against the
rigors and demands of a stressful

Decrease your body fat, improve
cardiovascular and muscular
fitness, cultivate an alert mind and a
calm spirit.

Look forward to the rest of your life
knowing that you are the best
can be and improving everyday!

Don't put it off.  Start now!
Words of Wisdom

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